Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Oh boy...I'm doing my best to keep things updated but life with two kids is keeping me busy! We had another great T-day with the Jacobsons in Redmond. Five little girls...wow! There was a lot of running and playing, at least for the three older girls. :) What a change from last year...at three B is old enough to run off and play with the other kids and we didn't see much of her for parts of the day. She had a blast! She just loves her cousins and has been talking about them all week.

Coloring at the table while we finish our dinner.

Mia in her "my first Thanksgiving" outfit. She slept the entire day. :)

Jacobson siblings--(L to R) Steve, Julie, Tom, Dan, Elisabeth, and David.

Bianca was coveting Jillian's party dress so she finally got to put it on over her clothes. :)

Sisters. B can't get enough of hugging Mia...she is very huggable.

Bianca would not sit in our family photo but she was happy to sit in Tom and Bec's! :) Bec was joking that they should send this out as their Christmas card and see if anyone noticed the kid switch.

Last year at this time, we never thought we'd be bringing a newborn to Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for.

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Everyday heaven said...

That is so funny - she wouldn't sit in your photo! Personality with a capital 'P'!

Mia looks like she's getting a good sister hug there!