Saturday, December 12, 2009

Put on your yarmulke...

It's time for Hannukah! We went to a Hannukah celebration at the home of our neighbors (and of B's buddy Ephraim). Steve's family is Jewish on the Jacobson side and he grew up celebrating both Christmas and Hannukah. I had always planned to incorporate a small Hannukah celebration into our holiday once we had kids...this was a great way to kick it off!

The goils wearing matching outfits from Grandma!

Yummy Hannukah treats...who can resist a holiday with lots of foods fried in oil like doughnuts and fritters? I've already decided that Krispy Kreme will be featured heavily in our personal family Hannukah celebration. :)

B and Ephraim like to curl up in his bed together...or her bed if they're at our house. This will be cute until they hit puberty, then it might be worrisome. :) Yes, he's driving a truck on her head.

Bianca playing with the dreidels.

In the words of Adam Sandler...have a happy happy happy happy Hannukah!


Marisa said...

I love the top picture of the girls!! Too cute:). By the way, I sent out your pictures today.

Everyday heaven said...

Yeah, the sharing the bed thing is cute... for now! Lol! ;) They'll have good stories about it when they're older!