Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mia doesn't eat grapes

Along with her new baby sister, B has had a lot of new rules introduced into her life recently. For example: Mia doesn't eat grapes...Mia doesn't eat Cheerios...Mia doesn't drink juice...Don't pick her up...Ask mommy before you touch her...Wash your hands before you touch her...and above all--DON'T wake her up if she's sleeping! :) It's enough to make any almost-three-year-old melt down. Through it all Bianca has been incredible. She's surpassed all my expectations as a big sister and just wants to hug and kiss Mia all day long. Mia loves to stare at her. They're very sweet.

Mia looks so much like Bianca at her age, it's like deja vu. Right now it looks like I make one baby--same model, two different years. Right down to their matching outie belly buttons. It will be fun to see Mia grow and become a little individual.

Mia had her two week appt today and she's gained A POUND in the past week, putting her at 9 lbs 4 oz (75th). Funny thing is it's exactly Bianca's weight at her two week. Crazy! She's also grown an inch (20 3/4--also 75th). My kiddos grow like weeds right out of the gate. Mia's already outgrowing her newborn-sized clothing and moving into 3 month. Putting away the too-small clothes always reminds me that this time passes so quickly. The days are flying by.

Supervised play time in Mia's crib.

Hangin' out in a cute outfit from aunt Kora.

Aunt Laura came for a visit with our snuggle bear.


Marisa said...

I love the picture of the two girls in Mia's crib! So cute:). It sounds like things with the new baby are going well.

Kora said...

That's so exciting that Mia is doing so well. That oufit I got her does look cute on her :). Good color for her. Love the pic of the girls in the crib. You guys have done a good job with your sweet, little fam!

Kimberly said...

I love when they snuggle on you like the pic with Laura--just nuzzle right in. So cute.

Everyday heaven said...

She is a snuggle bear!