Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas decorations--and Santa!

Over the past few days we've been putting up our tree and decorations--it's truly been the most fun I've ever had decorating because this year Bianca has been able to take part. She's been so proud of helping with the Christmas tree.
The culmination of the Christmas craziness was visitng Santa today. Bianca was SO excited and talked about it all last night and this morning (saying that we were going to Santa Claus's house). She was too shy to talk to Santa but she made me proud by giving him a hug and sitting on his lap. Santa himself was very sweet and great with the kids.

Back at home--her cheeks are getting so big!
B's favorite ornaments--because of her gingerbread man fixation--are these that Steve's mom got for us a few years back. B calls them "gingerbread baby houses!"

Mia enjoys the lights.

Our new stockings! I couldn't wait to order them as soon as Mia was born. I love looking at them, and I can't believe we really have four stockings hanging up!

Hanging an ornament--this particular area of the tree is packed with ornaments since it's the only place she really put them. :)


truf said...

Great pictures! We have an a couple areas of the tree like that too...it's the best part of the tree with the most memories!!

Kimberly said...

LOVE the Santa pic--he looks like the real deal! LOVE Mia's cheeks and so funny because Abby has that same nightgown although the size we have is getting too short. :) Your decorations look so cozy and beautiful and I love the stories about B!! Merry Christmas Malia

Kora said...

Your home looks so cute! Love the decs! Merry Christmas!

Everyday heaven said...

The pictures are great- that camera is really high quality! Great investment. Also, your talent for photos helps! The family of four is looking so wonderfully happy! Brings tears to my eyes, sis! :)