Friday, April 30, 2010

Flipping the baby

My nightly routine with Mia: After bath, stories, and a lullaby, I put her down fully awake, she rolls over, turns her little head to the side, and falls asleep. At 5 months, Bianca still needed lots of rocking and patting to sleep, so this independent sleep stuff is pretty amazing to me. Mercifully, Mia didn't need any "sleep training"--she came out of the womb with all the skills she needed.

However, one little speedbump: Miss Mia likes to doze off on her back, but she can't sleep that way for long. Exactly 15 minutes after closing her eyes, she'll kick her chubby little legs straight up and jolt awake. I generally plop her down and leave (my presence seems to annoy her while she's trying to fall asleep) but I creep back in 10 minutes later to flip her over. I don't mind one bit. It's a small favor for my little indie sleeper.

It's a delicate buisness, baby flipping. I have to time it exactly right. I tiptoe in silently, avoiding the squeaky floorboards, and use a light touch to quickly roll her with paci intact.

"Hold on, gotta go flip the baby!" is right up there on the list things I never thought I'd say as a parent. I was discussing this with a group of moms the other day. "Don't lick the toilet!" was mentioned. "Don't put your feet in your sister's mouth!" is something I found myself saying this week, along with "Sweetie, high chairs aren't made for cats."

So, I can add "baby flipper" to my parental resume. Wonder what skill I'll develop next. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sitting up!

She's been sitting up for a week or two, but this is the first time she's been stable enough for me to grab the camera. :) She's also working really hard to get up on all fours. Oh, boy. On to crawling (hopefully not too soon).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One more

Yesterday, we were driving as a family and Steve and I having our usual front-seat convo, spelling out critical words like B-A-L-L-O-O-N and C-O-S-T-C-O, when Bianca leaned forward and said "Mom! Dad! YMCA!"

That's the only word she knows how to spell. She just wanted to join in. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm blown away by how smart kids are at three-and-a-half. I had no idea. Bianca can negotiate, reason, and remember EVERYTHING. It's amazing.

The other day she told her first real joke, one with a punchline. It was pretty funny, too! I was working in the kitchen and she came up to me, giggling, with her finger pointed at the ceiling.

"Mom what's on the ceiling?" Giggle giggle giggle. "My finger is!"

"I need a screwdriver. I want to build a robot butterfly."

Having a "private" talk with Mia, away from me: "Mia, I love you. So please. You don't need to cry in your sleep." (They share a wall and Mia wakes her up sometimes when she makes noise at night.)

On meeting a friend's newborn baby sister: "Well, MY baby can stand up." (She actually can't, but B wants her to!)

I need start writing down more because I forget it so easily. She's truly a little person now, no baby left. Sigh.

Here she wanted me to take a picture of her while she took one of me. :)

Yesterday, we took a stroll to our local meat and produce shop. Bianca wanted to wear her giraffe outfit. :) It's a nice warm outfit (she paired it with her rainboots) so we were cool with it.

It was Mia's first stroller ride without her carseat. She's getting so big!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello Cupcake

CUPCAKES AND CHAMPAGNE. Can you think of ANY better way to spend a Saturday?

MMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmmMMMMMM! OK, time to get ahold of myself.

In lieu of a bridesmaid's luncheon, Laura threw a bridesmaid cupcake-decorating bash at Hello Cupcake in downtown Tacoma. I didn't take too many pics (it's really hard to man a camera AND two kiddos--oh, and my champagne, too). :) Laura's wedding photog was there, though. I can't wait to see his photos.

The place could not possibly be any cuter.

The bridesmaid swag bags! Steve said it was like we were presenters at an awards show. :) We got some awesome goodies! Thanks Laura!

Bridesmaid Dena and maid of honor Kendra.

Bianca getting her sprinkle on.


Bianca's creations--heavy on the frosting, extra sprinkles.

Hello, cupcake! Mia wore her cupcake outfit for the occasion.

B's into whales right now--so Laura got her a gift bag with a mama and baby whale. It's too cute.

Afterward, we went back to our place and Laura modeled her gorgeous wedding gown for us. B also got to try on her flower girl dress. Think she's excited? :)

She had fun playing in Laura's veil. She kept saying "I wanna be a princess too!"

All in all, a wonderful day. Thanks sis!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Highchair highjinx

Another day on the home front...

Bianca's in a bubble-bath phase right now. Sometimes she hates bubbles and won't allow them anywhere near her bath, other times she can't get enough. Right now she likes to pile the bubbles into different little shapes and tell us she's having an art show. Very cute and creative of her, if I do say so myself!

Svan chair, welcome back! Mia needed a new place to hang out so we got out the high chair. Can I just say--absolutely love this chair. It took all of two seconds to reassemble and adjust for Mia, and looks like a piece of furniture instead of another junky piece of plastic. It took quite a beating from our firstborn, and it still looks nice. Of course, Bianca insisted on sitting in it, tray and all, for the first day or so. Mia just got into it today and she loves it. Didn't even need any toys on the tray. She just loved sitting and looking around.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Five months

I'm trying to post as frequently as I can...I'm taking a writing class these days, which means my already scarce free time is evaporating.

Pretty smiley girl. Can't believe she's already five months old. Love ya, princess!

Meeting Sylvie. She rarely encounters either cat--after Bianca, they know better than to approach babies.

Hey, you.

Couldn't resist adding this photo of Bianca at six months (with teeth!!) in the same outfit. The two were little identikits, but now Mia is getting her own little look and personality. It's fun to watch. Plus, now I'll be able to tell their baby photos apart. I was worried for awhile there.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter bunnies

For Easter this year we headed down to Lacey (after the Easter bunny made a stop at our house, of course). Easter with two little girls equals lots of ruffles, tulle, bows, and flowers. The girls are usually decked out in comfy play gear, so I love the chance to get them dressed up. They were two sweet little cupcakes--and Bianca was, in fact, fueled by sugar for most of the day.

Here she is opening her Easter basket. Note that she has lots of toys in her basket and a few pieces of candy--but she only pays attention to the C-A-N-D-Y.

Mia's little dress looked so cute on the hanger.

I love this shot of B, en route to grandma's house, clutching her Easter basket while she snoozes. :)

Daddy and Mia with her ever-present drool bib. She even had little satin bloomers on. LOVED it!

Checking out the Easter goodies.

My camera ran out of batteries (it was pooped out after Laura's shower on Saturday!) so I didn't get many photos.

Easter dinner was a combination birthday dinner for my mom--all of the sibs chipped in and got her a gorgeous new set of dishes. I'm jealous. I liked them so much I kind of wanted to keep them for myself. I did hand them over, though. At least I get to visit them at her place. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Celebrating Laura and Is

Wedding season 2010 is officially underway! Wedding event #1, Laura's bridal shower, went off without a hitch in at Bluebird Cafe in Capital Hill. Yummy vegan/vegetarian treats and coffee!
The sisters. Bianca had her first gymnastics class today, so Steve took her to that while I brought Miss Mia to her first bridal shower. She was super--everyone kept asking me if she's always so quiet and easygoing. Um, in a word, NO. :) Just ask me at 3 am when she's practicing her rolling nonstop in her crib. :) But she seems to like parties and gatherings, and she's usually pretty portable.

Laura with one of her flower girls, Nicole. Little cutie. I adore little kids in glasses!

Slobbery but so cute!

Mia couldn't get enough of the toys of her carseat.

We had fun! Now, onward to the wedding!