Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sophia's Five!

As if hosting Thanksgiving for 17 people wasn't enough, Steve's mom Elisabeth (Farmor to Bianca) always hosts an early birthday party for cousin Sophia the day after, before the Gates family heads back to Dallas. The kids always have fun. This year she did a safari theme--Soph's lasest interest is Bindi the Jungle Girl. Happy Fifth Birthday to cousin Sophia!

Birthday girl

B's first experience with the party blowers.

Reading with aunt Julie.

Aunt Bec gets some Mia time.

Farmor and Papa with all their "goils" as B says--Jill, Mia, Sophia, Holly, and B. Who's the crazy one? Oh, yeah, that's mine. :)

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Everyday heaven said...

I love that picture with Farmor and Papa! Bianca is showing her teeth, big time!