Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread babies

Kendra had the great idea to get the family together to make gingerbread houses. B's favorite wintertime story has been one about a Gingerbread Baby--you catch him by building a gingerbread house. My plan is to surprise her with a gingerbread "baby" waiting in her house when she wakes up in the morning. :)

We all bought kits, but it's still harder than it looks! My/Bianca's house didn't quite work out--um, I think it was a problem with the kit! Wink wink. Glad I didn't choose a career in architecture (although I think trying to stay one step ahead of a three year old was part of my problem)! Kendra stepped in and gave Bianca her house, and helped her with it, so it all worked out. We enjoyed spiced cider and Laura made some yummy Irish soup--all in all a cozy Sunday. Hope it becomes a tradition--and next time I think I will assemble Bianca's house while she's sleeping so it's nice and solid by the time she wakes up.

Aunt Kendra and B, trying to salvage our house.

Israel with his first ever gingerbread house!

My mom took hers pretty seriously. :)

Laura and Is got Mia to smile quite a bit!

Sweet baby.

Love the cheeks--but my second favorite are her wrists and arms!

The finished creations.

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Kora said...

Your guys' houses look so cute!