Monday, January 24, 2011


We went to a birthday party on Saturday and Bianca was very keen on writing her friend's name on his birthday card. She practiced a bunch of times. I love her writing--every single letter is adorable to me. And I remember making all the lines in the capital 'E' when I was her age. Why stop at just one? :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indoor sandbox

Last week was busy, rainy, and cold. I needed to get a few things done, so I made B this portable sandbox and it entertained her for over 30 minutes--quite a feat! If it were warmer she could use this in the driveway or the garage. But right now it's chilly and I need to keep her right where I can see her (after the haircutting, she's on kind of a short leash for awhile). Kitchen table it is!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No cats were harmed in the making of this video

This video is from a couple of weeks back (pre-haircut). Background: Bianca and our tiny cat, Sylvie, are more or less inseparable right now. Bianca totes her around the house and "Sylv" (as B calls her) doesn't seem to mind. B has never been maternal with her dolls, but she tells me that Sylv is her baby.

Usually, the cat-motherhood is pretty peaceful, but we still keep a close watch to be sure. Sylvie is so patient and puts up with a lot, so we have to make sure Bianca knows that she's actually a living thing, not a doll. This video is sort of B's "pledge" to be good to her little buddy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

She bangs!

What a week we've had! Last Friday Bianca surprised me (actually, I think she surprised herself a bit, too) by snipping off a good portion of her hair at the hairline. I know--many, many kids do exactly the same thing at this age. It's sort of funny when it's another person's kid! But it's a bit different when it's your own beautiful baby holding the scissors.

It wasn't the actual haircut that bothered me, of course--she could be bald as a cueball and I'd still find her adorable. It was just sad for me because the result made HER sad. She kept brushing her hair and telling me she was changing it back and then she started crying when she realized that the hair was really gone. So, she got a haircut and a life lesson: sometimes our actions have consequences that we don't always like!

This photo really shows the damage. She wasn't messing around.

Cutting some new bangs to hide the damage. Luckily, she's a Jacobson with straight straight hair, which made things easier.

Her new look! She's back to her normal bubbly self and her bangs are really cute. I hope she doesn't try this trick again anytime soon though. (And all you moms of girls out there--just wait! Your turn is coming...) :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Art gallery

Last night while I was making dinner Bianca was working on some artwork downstairs in the playroom. She kept coming into the kitchen and asking for tape, which she sometimes likes to put on her pictures. I was busy, so I just doled out some tape and went back to cooking. Later, when I went to crawl into bed, I found that she'd drawn me a picture and taped it to the wall beside my bed.

She made one for Steve and taped it to his side of the bed--and one for Mia, which she put up in her room.

Is this girl just the sweetest or what? :)