Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's official

Yes, folks, it's true.

We have a perfect baby.

I know it sounds a touch braggy, but that's what we moms do. Plus, I'm only repeating what Mia's doctor said at her 9-month-appointment. So forgive me if I go on and on. ;) OK, I would, but I'm too tired right now.

Her doctor says we checked all the right boxes when we ordered her. :) She's very precocious (his words), and off the charts for development, even if she's only in the 10th percentile for height and weight.

She's very flirtatious with a smile (usually batting her lashes too) for most everyone. She entertains the whole family with long monologues of baby-babble, especially in the car.
She's also a girl after my own heart, in that she loves people and doesn't mind big noisy gatherings, but she doesn't care much for loud sudden noises. She got quite a start from one of Bianca's toy trains today, started bawling, and came streaking toward mommy. I, of course, love it when my little scardey-baby snuggles up to me.
I'm squeezing her a little tighter these days. I know we only have a few months of "baby" left before she turns into a toddler.

She's just a doll.

HT 26.25 (10%)
WT 16.5 (10%)
HEAD 44.4cm (60%)


Kimberly said...

Mia has the most precious little smile--she always looks so happy!

Marisa said...

She is pretty dang cute:)!!!