Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello my name is Bianca, and I like to do drawl-ings

(The post title for any old SNL-Mike Meyers fans out there) :)

I'm crazy about B's drawings! I love watching them get better and more detailed every day. Here are a few recent ones:


Mommy dancing

Mia. After she finished this one she announced "Oh the legs are upside-down!" with some disappointment, as if she had no control over the outcome of the picture. :)

Here's one from yesterday of Mommy. She's getting really good at drawing hair.
Here's a photo of Dad and B on the great, old-fashioned carousal at the Point Definance Zoo yesterday. Notice Dad picked the Cougar. :)


Marisa said...

Love, love, love, them...especially the one of "Mommy dancing":). She is a great artist!!!!!!! It was good to see you tonight:).

Laura L said...

Great posts lately, Malia. Legs! Sometimes they're upside down. :)

Kora said...

B's drawrings are really good!