Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner al fresco

After two long years of storage at my mom's, our patio table was finally reunited with our outdoor chairs this weekend. Now it feels like we have our last piece of furniture here and we're finally moved in. Yay! Dinners outside--finally!

Mia's first watermelon...she tried it from every angle and decided it wasn't so bad.

Bianca had a fit when we tried to cut her burger in half, so we let her tackle a whole one. I think she got two bites in. :) Sidenote--we had some brisket left over from our grass-fed organic steer, and I haven't been in the mood to roast anything in the oven, so we had it ground it up for burgers. Definitely a cut above regular ground beef--softer, leaner, and more flavorful. Totally wasted on a three-year-old. :)

After dinner we moseyed out into the yard like we've been doing most nights. The baby swing is the only place we can "set" Mia outside for now, since she'd have a mouthful of rocks and dirt in a heartbeat if we put her on the ground. Luckily she enjoys it...even if her sister wants to share.
Sisterhood means never having to swing alone!


Kimberly said...

Yeah--is Mia in the little brown onesie I gave you? I'm so glad it fit--that thing is just too cute and she looks great in brown. The girls look so adorable.

Kora said...

Love that the girls are sharing the swing. Cute pic :).

Amy said...

Such sweet sissies! Mia is so darn cute and happy - I love her dark hair. I would love to see a pic with a bow in it to match big sister's!