Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So. When I'm not chasing kiddos, I am a writer. That is, when I'm well-rested enough to cobble together coherent sentences, people sometimes want to read them. Pay me, even!

In my last "real" job as executive editor of WSU's Dividend magazine, I stopped wanting to hire freelancers to write articles because I wanted to write them myself. That's when I felt an inkling that maybe I should. But no, I thought. Writers are boring. Nerdy. They stare at a screen all day. That could never be me.

Well, folks, never say never. Cut to a few years and two kids later, and my fourth-grade teacher who swore I would be a writer someday is turning out to be right. (Thanks, Mrs. Larsen!)

Who knows where this journey will lead? The biggest revelation of having two kids has been how little time I have to do things I want to do, like work. But I'm doing what I can.

And I know I've been sorta quiet about this. My work time gets taken up with work, and I forget to actually tell people what I'm so busy working on. :)

Anyhow--I have lotsa clips up at my business Web site, but things are taking an exciting new turn. I'm now writing for some new publications, including parenting magazines around the country. The articles aren't always online, but as they pop up I'll try and post them.

I've majorly lost my momentum with the move and a crazy-busy summer, but I'm part of a writing accountability and goal-setting group this fall and I hope it helps me get back on track. That, and the buzz of seeing my work from earlier this year finally make its way into print!

I just posted two new articles over on the right. :) Happy reading and I've love to hear what you think.

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Kimberly said...

Malia-you are really talented. Those articles are great!! We are going to see your name in Parenting Magazine before we know it. :)