Saturday, August 14, 2010

A few photos from Kendra's shower

Just a few pics from Kendra's sweet-n-breezy Hawaiian-themed shower last weekend. It was a celebration of her honeymoon destination of Kauai, Hawaii (coincidentally where Steve and I honeymooned!) thrown by her now-MATRON of honor Laura. I'd been thinking of her as MAID of honor, but just realized she's a "matron" now. Welcome to the club, Laura! :) We can be matronly together. :)

Bianca was so excited about the shower that I wrapped our gift in brown paper and let her decorate. She drew this pic of aunt Kendra all on her own. I absolutely love it. Even kinda looks like her, right?

Crazy about this photo.

This one too. Do I not have the cutest kids in the world?

Hey, sis, let's put our hands like this.

She wanted to drink from an umbrella straw, so we got her the least-breakable cup we could find.

Miss Mia, oh-so-feminine in her signature pose: leaning on one arm, ankles crossed :)

Kendra with her mini-doppelganger.

Tissue-paper bride. We won! Bianca loved this game, in fact, she was quite the little taskmaster and she had quite a vision for our dress. She kept saying TUCK IT IN! TUCK IT IN!

The fam.

Coconut cupcakes from Trophy--a sweet ending to a great event!

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Kora said...

Thst looks so cute and fun! Congrats, Kendra!