Saturday, April 3, 2010

Celebrating Laura and Is

Wedding season 2010 is officially underway! Wedding event #1, Laura's bridal shower, went off without a hitch in at Bluebird Cafe in Capital Hill. Yummy vegan/vegetarian treats and coffee!
The sisters. Bianca had her first gymnastics class today, so Steve took her to that while I brought Miss Mia to her first bridal shower. She was super--everyone kept asking me if she's always so quiet and easygoing. Um, in a word, NO. :) Just ask me at 3 am when she's practicing her rolling nonstop in her crib. :) But she seems to like parties and gatherings, and she's usually pretty portable.

Laura with one of her flower girls, Nicole. Little cutie. I adore little kids in glasses!

Slobbery but so cute!

Mia couldn't get enough of the toys of her carseat.

We had fun! Now, onward to the wedding!


Laura L said...

It was fun! Thank you so much for a great shower!

Laura L said...

Send any other pics my way, too - I didn't have my camera with me! ;)

Kimberly said...

Mia looks so dang cute in those pics!