Friday, April 16, 2010

Highchair highjinx

Another day on the home front...

Bianca's in a bubble-bath phase right now. Sometimes she hates bubbles and won't allow them anywhere near her bath, other times she can't get enough. Right now she likes to pile the bubbles into different little shapes and tell us she's having an art show. Very cute and creative of her, if I do say so myself!

Svan chair, welcome back! Mia needed a new place to hang out so we got out the high chair. Can I just say--absolutely love this chair. It took all of two seconds to reassemble and adjust for Mia, and looks like a piece of furniture instead of another junky piece of plastic. It took quite a beating from our firstborn, and it still looks nice. Of course, Bianca insisted on sitting in it, tray and all, for the first day or so. Mia just got into it today and she loves it. Didn't even need any toys on the tray. She just loved sitting and looking around.

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Laura L said...

Bianca is turning into such a little ham. Wait... turning into? What am I saying? Remember the popeye smile?