Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Five months

I'm trying to post as frequently as I can...I'm taking a writing class these days, which means my already scarce free time is evaporating.

Pretty smiley girl. Can't believe she's already five months old. Love ya, princess!

Meeting Sylvie. She rarely encounters either cat--after Bianca, they know better than to approach babies.

Hey, you.

Couldn't resist adding this photo of Bianca at six months (with teeth!!) in the same outfit. The two were little identikits, but now Mia is getting her own little look and personality. It's fun to watch. Plus, now I'll be able to tell their baby photos apart. I was worried for awhile there.


Kimberly said...

okay, those kitty pics w/ Mia are adorable. Made me chuckle. Love that outfit btw!! I can't believe B had teeth at 6 months--holy cow. Mia is such a cute, smiley baby--love it.

Laura L said...

Wow, they look so much alike. I actually think Mia looks more like Kendra than Bianca did! She is so happy. I love that your two girls are born close enough (and in the same season!) so they can wear almost all the same outfits!

Kora said...

I can't believe how much older Mia is looking and how much B and her looked alike! Wow.