Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah + TBL 2010

I cannot believe my baby sister Sarah is 18! I still remember her as a tiny baby. Time really flies. We are all so proud of the person Sarah has become! The fam came over to our place yesterday for some cake and gifts.

I love this pic--Bianca is thinking she is sneaky and getting ready to peek at the gifts. Little imp. :)

Bianca wanted us to do ring around the rosie. :)

Here Laura is trying to get Mia to laugh--she loves it when we touch her cheeks and chin. She laughs a ton in her sleep--apparently whatever she dreams about is WAY funnier than any of us (we do get some cute chuckles out of her, though).

AND...the Biggest Loser 2010 crew (minus Bianca). My mom and sisters and I are doing a biggest loser challenge, from now until May 1. Here is our "before" photo. We were laughing that we should try and look as chunked out as possible. I need to get into shape to fit into the many bridesmaid dresses I have to wear this year, starting with Laura's in four months! After one month of zero sugar and yeast I am down about 15 lbs but it feels like I have SO far to go. Hopefully this challenge will help us all to stay motivated and have some fun together.


Kimberly said...

15 pounds--that's great Malia! I don't know how you can keep away from sugar. . .that is some serious self control!!!

Kora said...

I thought you looked like you'd lost some weight when we got together. That's awesome! I just had Big Tom's for dinner...I really need to get serious, too, with being healthy.