Friday, January 29, 2010

Mia's two month appointment

We finally got in for Mia's two month appt, even though she's 11 weeks and closer to three months. Apparently all the hip and happenin' Tacoma babes go to Union Ave Pediatrics because it's pretty hard to get an appt these days!

Our girl is 12 lb 7 oz (75th) and 23 inches (50th) with a "small head" according to the nurse (25th). :) She said that because Mia is already rolling and because her sister took her first steps at nine months, we can expect pretty early physical milestones from Mia too. Shoot--I was secretly hoping for a late walker this time so I can keep my baby a baby for as long as possible. A mom can dream, right? :) The nurse said that walking at nine months as Bianca did is pretty early, but not super early--she's seen babies walking at SIX OR SEVEN MONTHS. Sheesh. Those parents must really have their hands full.

The nurse also felt some swelling and bumpiness on her lower gums, and I've noticed lots of drooling. She said she expects that we might have some teeth poking through at her four month visit! Bianca cut her first two at five months--this is an instance where earlier is fine with me. The sooner they get they can get their teeth and be done with the whole teething business, the better.

It looks like the pedicatrian's office will be very supportive of the alternative vaccine schedule that I'm doing for Mia (from The Vaccine Book). I'm all for (most) vaccines and protecting our little ones and our communities from illness, but I was pretty horrified at the number of shots Bianca had to get at each well-baby visit--five at her one-year appointment! This schedule allows her to get fully vaccinated, but spreads the shots out a little more, with a few "shot only" nurse visits in between her well-baby checkups. Mia had one shot and one oral vaccine, and she was a champ. She squawked a bit at the shot but didn't really cry.

Mia has been to the ped office several times now with Bianca's visits and immunizations and whatnot, and they just love her and call her their little dolly. :) She's a very sweet and mellow baby. I'm amazed that I actually feel calmer and more organized with two kids than I did with one. We have our routines in place and everything is working for now. It took a few weeks, but I now have the kids both napping consistently for 2+ hours at the same time most afternoons and it is HEAVENLY and well worth the effort. Mia has a calming air about her and she's been like a little breath of fresh air in our household. We just love our little Mia bear. :)


Kimberly said...

I think Abby has a small head but when they measured hers they put that she is 70% percentile. ??? 15 5/8th in. is what they measured. What size is Mia's? Our girls look very similar in size to me. :) so cute

Malia said...

They didn't write Mia's down for me and I didn't ask, bad mommy. :) Both Mia and Bianca have pretty small heads.

Kora said...

Mia does seem to have a calming air about her...she's always smiling so sweetly.