Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Am I really 31? It seems so much older than 30--I feel like I'm officially "in" my thirties now. We celebrated with the Lundahl clan at the Royal Thai Bistro in Fircrest. The food was to die for--I had the mango fried rice and I'm still dreaming about it. Can't wait to go back!

Grandma and Mia with her new binkie clip--a serious lifestyle upgrade for me, I'm not constantly searching the floor for a nearly-invisible clear pacifier

Goofy B and daddy

Is and Laura--soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Ledesma!

Me and my best girls. My mom got me a "birthday queen" crown and placemat. Queen of the Week is a running joke in our fam--my mom used to allow one of us to be Queen for the week when we were younger. Highlights of being queen included riding in the front seat of the car all week, and getting the most choice plastic cup with dinner. She originally did this to help quell fights among the sisters, but I think it probably caused more fights than it prevented. Anyway, the birthday queen hat made us smile!

Aunt Kendra and Mia--minus a sock!

Blowing out my candle--B likes to be front and center whenever any candle-blowing is taking place.

My vegan sugar-free cake, courtesy of Kendra! It's from the babycakes NYC cookbook--a great option for gluten free, low sugar, healthy goodies. It was delicious and we happily ate the leftovers for breakfast the next morning!

Mia with soon-t0-be Uncle Tyler. Mia's wearing a dress that Kora got for Bianca. I'm glad we get to use it again!

Kendra chatting with smiley Mia.
Thanks, family, for a great evening! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! The cake looks perfect, Kendra did a great job on the frosting and strawberry placement!


BabyCakes NYC

Kora said...

Happy Birthday! Mia looks so cute in that dress!

Everyday heaven said...

I love that picture of Mom and Mia. Priceless!

I am making the carrot cake from babycakesNYC this week! We'll see how it goes.