Monday, November 2, 2009

The Underbelly

Steve was laying on the floor when I walked by and he said "Hand me the camera, you've gotta see this". O...M...Gah. There's really nothing else to say. I'm a planet!

I had "labor induction" acupuncture today to help get things moving. The acupuncturist, who's done this for hundreds of women, told me that she would expect me to be in labor within three days. Who knows with my stubborn bod. The treatment took about 30 minutes. It was enjoyable, not too painful (OK, the ear needles stung just a tad!) with tiny, flexible needles in my ear, hands, shins, feet, and lower back. The needles were almost as thin as a strand of hair. Afterward I definitely felt...drugged--sleepy, spacey, and glassy-eyed. As far as induction goes I'll take this over Pitocin, although like many "natural" things, it can be much slower to work than a pharmaceutical. I went home and took a long nap and woke up to some strong contractions, but all is calm right now. I wasn't expecting an immediate result--anything that can shave a few days off the pregnancy or a few hours off my labor while being safe for baby is worth it to me.

Labor playlist--I haven't thought much about the music that I want in labor since last time, I just wanted quiet. But since we have the time, I decided to pull a few CDs. Bob Marley, a collection of Hawaiian music that Steve put together from our last trip there, and ocean sounds. Cheesy, but that stuff relaxes me. I guess I'm an island girl at heart.

On another note--We are SUPER excited for Kora and Nick, who just got engaged in Mexico! There must be something in the air--2009 has been a year of weddings and engagements (hopefully to be followed by a bumper crop of babies in a couple of years--no pressure though, guys!) I couldn't be more thrilled for my BFFHS (best friend from high school). I'm very much looking forward to Wedding Season 2010--right now we have Laura and Israel (6/05), Kendra and Tyler (9/18) and now Kora and Nick (TBD!) on the roster!



Kimberly said...

Whoa--Malia, love that shot of your tum!! WOW :)

Kora said...

Thanks, Malia! The underbelly pic is crazy :).

Anna said...

That picture of your belly is amazing Malia!! I hope the accupuncture works my dear. Can't wait to hear the news!!