Monday, November 9, 2009

Guess what?

Still pregs. Some of the positives of being overdue--getting to see the shocked looks on people's faces when they ask when I'm due and hear the response: "Last week!" :) Also, getting to hear the many, many tips that people have about bringing on labor. So far, in the past week I've heard:

Baking bread

Strawberry-dipped Dairy Queen ice cream cones

Jumping jacks (ouch!)

Spicy food


And I can't even remember the rest. Hmmm...gotta say, if any of these things worked every time, there would be NEVER be any overdue babies. :) Since I have the time, I'm getting more and more last-minute things done, like orgazing B's third birthday party, buying batteries for the swing and bouncer, and wrapping Christmas gifts. Maybe that's why my babies are late--they know better than to arrive before mom's finished her to-do list!

Milo and Sylvie hanging out in the baby's bassinet (it's an Arm's Reach co-sleeper that hooks onto our bed like a sidecar). Glad someone's getting to use it! They're not big fans of newborns, so once the baby's here they won't go anywhere near the bassinet, or the baby. But they do enjoy all the soft and cuddly baby things beforehand.


Amy said...

Tips for labor... Spicy food didn't work for me, my mouth was on fire for a month and and no baby. You just have to let the house get messy, plan to clean it on a specific day, then you'll go into labor the night before you get around to cleaning... :o)

Good luck!

Kimberly said...

Hey, I like the cherry dipped cone from Dairy Queen idea. Those are hard to find though. Duece needs to have his/her birthday soon so Abby can have a play date. :)

Leah said...

1. I'm impressed you have Christmas gifts already.
2. You're going to have them wrapped pre-baby.
3. Love the baby bassinet warmers.

Good luck Malia!