Thursday, November 5, 2009

We made it!

Since Deuce has decided to stay put for now, we got to take what's now our tradition--a "due date" photo.

On Bianca's due date--Nov. 28, 2006. She ended up being eight days late--after the due date I wasn't in the mood for any more pregnancy photos!

So, it looks like I just don't have my babies early. I had hopes that this one would debut a little before his or her due date, but no luck. Steve said my babies like staying in because I feed them so well and take such good care of them, they just don't want to leave! Sweet, but I'm getting really impatient to meet this little one! Every morning this week I've woken up thinking "today's the day!" So now, I'm just moving on with my life and the baby can come whenever he or she decides. Even though I'm uncomfortable, I feel blessed to have had a very drama-free pregnancy. Hopefully Deuce is getting lots of cute baby fat and getting ready to meet us very soon.

In true 2yo fashion, Bianca did her part to make things tough today: she found my $17 Laura Mercier very waterproof cream eyeliner--which I thought I'd lost--and covered herself from head to toe, and did the bathroom counter and tub while she was at it. She had a lot more fun putting it on than she did taking it off. That stuff is like greasepaint and it took a lot of soap and scrubbing. She shed some tears and needed her pacifier for comfort. So the bathroom is now spotless, and B's been thoroughly exfoliated--and the week is almost over. :)

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