Thursday, April 28, 2011

The tooth fairy stops by

On Tuesday night, the tooth fairy made her maiden voyage to our place. A little sooner than anticipated, since B is only 4. The backstory: Bianca bumped her front teeth ages ago. It wasn't traumatic. No blood, stitches, or ER visits involved. But apparently it doesn't take much to kill a baby her last dental checkup we learned that she has zero cavities, but her front tooth had died as a result of the impact and would PROBABLY have to go. It took months for that probably to change to a definitely, because they wanted to see if the tooth would heal on its own. (Both front upper front teeth were impacted, but one apparently healed itself, and the other didn't. Bizarre!)

So, Tuesday was the big day! I was torn over how to prepare her. I didn't want to freak her out. In the end, it was no big deal: it took all of 15 minutes. A little Motrin, some ice cream, and a visit from the tooth fairy, and she was good as new! And she was SUPER excited to show her friends at school--apparently losing a tooth early is quite the status symbol among the pre-K set. It makes them seem older and more sophisticated (like, you know, 6).


After we got home. I know this face so well...the "I see the camera and I'm not going to smile, mom" face.

There it is! The "after" shot.

This is just a cute photo of her showing off her writing from yesterday. Sans tooth, but you can hardly tell.

It SHOULD be at least another year before the tooth fairy stops by again. Fingers crossed.

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Vernell Leider said...

What a great story about the tooth fairy! hehehe… This little girl is so cute. It is nice that she has zero cavities! She could be a good model for children who fear dentists and inspire them to practice good oral care.