Saturday, April 9, 2011

B goes to school. I get the education.

First day!

Bianca's been begging to go to school since she was 3, and last week, she finally got her wish. She's enrolled in a half-day Montessori nearby. The first week is in the bag, and it was educational all around. She learned some; I think I learned more.

We started school mid-year, and everyone else is already in the swing of things. This means that we have to find out footing quickly and without much assistance. So, for the benefit of my fellow moms, here are my Monday through Friday mommy lessons:

Monday: Learned that her school offers valet drop-off and pick-up service. Best. Thing. Ever! It's so gratifying to just drive up and drop her off without getting out, unbuckling two kids, juggling toddler/lunch/various forms/backpack, walking B to class, then reloading and doing the whole thing again 3 hours later. Bliss!

Tuesday: Critical "aha" moment today! Learned that school actually starts at 9am when the first bell rings, and NOT at 9:05 when the second bell rings. I'd been under the impression that the first bell was merely a warning. Nope. We got to school at 9:02, missed valet drop-off (!!!), and walked into her classroom just as the other kids were settling in. It's amazing how much being two minutes late threw my little routine-oriented kid off her game. Lesson learned.

Wednesday: Learned that B has a new friend named Mia at school: "But not my sister Mia, mom. She has different hair." And that I shouldn't even bother trying to get her to wear anything to school that isn't a dress. It's just not happening.

Thursday: Learned that she isn't eating the organic Bunny Grahams crackers that I pack in her lunch. But she enjoys sharing and trading them with her new friends. Fair enough.

Friday: Learned that even a kid who loves school will beg to stay home once in awhile. As a compromise, I allowed her to wear a princess dress. (Well, the top to a princess outfit, over her regular dress.) It worked--no self-respecting fashionista could resist going to school to show off a look like THAT.

After all of this, I'm wondering what week two has in store for us. I'm sure it will involve more dresses, more snack-sharing, and, I'm hoping, fewer drop-off malfunctions. I may not be a quick study, but I'm learning!

Wednesday: Another day, another dress! I was told that by lunchtime she was wearing her headband as a belt. That's my girl!


Anonymous said...

Hey Malia,

You always write such fun, insightful posts! Even though I don't have kids, I enjoy learning a bit more about what parenting is like on a day-by-day basis--especially with such a laid-back person who clearly loves being a mom. :)

Jen Henderson

Amy said...

I am soooooo jealous about the valet drop-off! Sophia had a friend named Griffin and a friend named Abby in her preschool on the first day (same as baby brother and baby cousin). We knew names ahead of time so I prepared her to know those two names. I think it really helped because she felt a connection immediately to those two kids just because the names. So does Bianca go Monday - Friday? I can see why she would ask to take a day off. It's a lot to jump into I imagine for a little one. She must have been exhausted by the end of the week.

Malia said...

Thanks, Jen! Amy, she does go 5 days a week and she's more than ready. We're very active in our playgroups so she's used to going somewhere every day. Just finished our third week and she's in the groove! She was excited to go every day (but she cried today b/c they had a sub--she loves her teacher so much!). :)