Monday, April 25, 2011

Our weekend: Easter eggs, trees, haircuts, and seeds

Busy, busy Easter weekend. Our house lost three massive trees out front (thanks to a professional tree service), Mia lost three inches of hair (thanks to yours truly), and we all gained countless chocolate eggs (thanks to the Easter Bunny. OK--also me). And, because the sun finally peeked through the clouds for an entire day, I got some gardening in.

We went to a huge (and crazy!) egg hunt on Saturday. Bianca with her new buddy, the Easter Bunny. Second only to Santa.

We wanted to get a pic of both girls with the Bunny. But Mia couldn't stop staring at him (she also tried to shove a cookie in his mouth). Luckily, the fake costume mouth prevented the cookie from going in.

Trying some candy--evidently displeased with it.

That's better! Mia was all smiles Sunday morning when she hunted eggs in our rec room. These two photos are a good before and after. I chopped her hair in back on Saturday night in a hasty "Oh my gosh tomorrow's Easter and we'll be taking photos" attempt at grooming. So now, instead of a wispy, feathery baby mullet, she has a cute bob (which got a little shorter than I intended, thanks to a wiggly subject). I won't be giving Vidal Sassoon a run for his money in the haircutting department any time soon. Still, it's pretty cute.

Being a big sister means you get the lion's share of the eggs.

A rare pic of the four of us during Easter dinner at Grandma's. Two girls in candy comas. We had to bribe them to sit still and fake these cheesy grins. I think we should ask for the candy back--we didn't even get smiles with teeth!

COMING SOON: FOOD. A few of my garden starts. One of our raised garden beds is visible outside the window in the background. If the sun would come back, maybe I could actually put it to use!

Soon, I'll post photos of our house sans trees! It's an amazing difference.

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