Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday snapshot

Mia hanging out in the waiting room of the portrait studio before her spring photos with Bianca. Probably the best photo we got all morning! For some reason, professional photography sessions turn my normally smiley, relaxed kids into fidgeting, fighting little pouters. So very frustrating. At least I used a Groupon to buy the session, so I didn't waste gazillions of dollars. Just a Saturday morning!

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Amy said...

I have never even attempted a professional photo shoot because I just don't think it will work! I still want to try one, though. Sophia has a crazy eyes and is all gums, lipped curled when she smiles on purpose, and griffin has the biggest CHEEEZ with all teeth and squinted shut eyes and a scrunched nose. I don't know how the pics would even turn out! Share your pics from the shoot if you can. I'm very curious to see how they turned out.