Saturday, June 12, 2010

Practice makes perfect

Wow, where to begin. The past week has been a crazy whirlwind that ended with my little sister becoming a wife and my family gaining new brother-in-law/uncle.
First, the rehersal dinner. The week kicked off with a dinner at the gorgeous home of Michael and Alejandro, friends of Laura and Israel, in Newcastle. I was inspired by their colors and their decor. And they had the cleanest garage I've ever seen, the perfect indoor spot to rehearse on a drizzly day.

We'd just picked up a Dora book from the library about estrellas (stars) and just returned another one featuring a pinata, so imagine Bianca's joy to walk in and see a real estrella pinata! Perfection!
Bianca with her flower girl basket and book from Laura.

Practicing--she did a great job! She definitely needed to practice so I'm very glad we had the rehersal.

Laura walking down the "aisle" with wedding planner Megan (just because I don't think we have any other shots of Megan and she was a big part of the wedding).

The cutest ring "pillow" ever.

Silly Sarah.
Pretty much everyone took turns whacking the pinata. Here it's my aunt Kim.

Concerto in B.

Mia with grandma. She's in a face-grabbing stage, as anyone who's held her recently can attest. Who says she's tiny--look at those chubby arms!

Bianca in her jammies with treats from the pinata. Time to go home and get into bed!


Laura L said...

Thanks for posting this! Our photogtapher was supposed to make an appearance that night, but he didn't end up making it, so I am really glad you and Steve were clicking away! :)

Malia said...

Actually Is grabbed my camera and took a bunch too. That's why we barely made it into any photos! :)

Kora said...

Laura's rehearsal dress is so cute! All the festivities look fabulous!!

Laura L said...

Oh thanks Kora!