Sunday, June 13, 2010

The big day

Mr. and Mrs.! I love this photo of them.

After a week of rain, Saturday dawned sunny and beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold...perfect wedding weather.

With so much talk of wedding schedules (wedding planner Megan made a very helpful, very detailed schedule for the wedding) B made sure to draw up her own schedule for us all.

Getting ready in the suite. I really wanted to get ready in the suite with Laura and the other bridesmaids...however, I knew if I set foot outside of our hotel before I was fully ready, the craziness of the day would take over and I would never get any makeup on. So Steve took B and Mia down to the suite to let me get ready. B loved it.
All ready to go!

Here's a shot of everyone walking down to the site. I loved the beach grass in this shot, and our dresses. They were comfortable and looked great on everyone off-the-rack--I don't think anyone needed alterations.
Port Ludlow is such a gorgeous locale. The beachy scenery and sparkly water set off the wedding colors so beautifully.

Laura and John.

Just like we practiced! Although she didn't wait her turn to go, she made it down the aisle! Yay!

All married! Yipee!
Post-wedding. The kids were pretty done at this point. :)

Handsome John and his scrumptious cake.

The tablescape. Laura wrote little personalized notes in our place cards...such a sweet touch.

Mini-flower girl.

Conked out.
Kendra and mom


Sisters! Laura's bling is rockin' in this pic. Poor Kendra and her sunburned shoulders. I doubted that we would get sunburned at a 4pm wedding but Kendra managed to. :)

Of course, didn't take nearly enough pics. Juggling two kiddos with bridesmaid duties kept me and Steve hopping. Thank goodness Kora and Marisa were there to handle Mia during the wedding.

I was so glad to have the kids there, but it was a mixed blessing. They looked darling, but they got super tired and taking care of them caused me to miss out on some important wedding moments. I can't wait to see the wedding video so I can see Kendra's toast and some other highlights that I missed.

In the meantime, here is the short-edit version of the wedding video. Her videographer put this together during the reception and showed it at the end of the night, right before Laura and Is made their getaway on a sailboat as the guests waved goodbye with sparklers. The perfect end to a perfect wedding day. Can't wait to see the professional photos!


Kimberly said...

the wedding and festivities looked amazing. congrats laura and is!

Kora said...

Super cute vid! That videographer did an awesome job. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Laura L said...

Thanks! We jut got back from Jamaica last night! Kora, it was great that you and Marissa came. So much fun! Malia, thanks for posting these! I love reading the recap. :)