Monday, June 28, 2010

Lookit her go!


Mia's perfected scooting, and now we have a supercharged inchworm on our hands! When she spots something interesting and forbidden (like a remote or video camera, for example) she goes turbo. I love her little excited breathing too.

I love having her on the move. No more frustrated crying because she's stuck in one spot...she just scooters on over to whatever she wants to play with and entertains herself for the most part. B has mixed feelings. Her new favorite activity is building "Mia blockades" out of toys to keep her out of various areas of the house.

Oh, and she has TEETH! Her two bottom middle teeth have popped through. I can't get a pic of them because she keeps sticking her tongue out to feel them. Adorable. :)


Amy said...

She is sooo fast! How cute. :o) Can't wait to see her at the end of August, she'll probably be close to walking!

Michelle said...

Can't wait until Abby does that. They are both getting so big.

Laura L said...

Her little breathing that she does is so cute! She's working hard!

Kora said...

Too funny! She definitely kicked it into high gear when she thought she could get the camera :).

Kimberly said...

That just made me LOL. Her scooting is hilarious and FAST-holy cow. Whenever I put Abby on her tummy she likes to just roll over to her back--just a pure lazy bones. hee hee