Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hanging at home

With Steve's winter break over, it's back to the regular routine for all of us. We hung at home today and I caught some pics of the girls.

Mia is getting so big--she's definitely not a tiny newborn anymore and she's letting us know it! She's pretty laid-back, but also very smiley and expressive. She uses her voice a lot--Bianca keeps saying "she's talking!" I've started getting her bedtime and naptime routines in order and getting her day a bit more organized, which helps a lot when I'm juggling two kids and two bedtimes. She's eating every 3 hrs, taking 4 naps a day and going down around 8 and getting a 5-6 hour stretch--technically SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! I've heard of babies who sleep through at 8 weeks (according to my mom, I was one of them) but I NEVER thought I'd be the proud parent of one. This is such a different experience than the one we had with B. I won't go into detail about THAT experience because I don't want to scare anyone out of having kids. :) She's a great sleeper now, though.

She's so smiley!

Bianca nursing her baby while watching TV--just like mommy. :) However, I don't hold Mia quite like that. :) Bianca doesn't know exactly how nursing works (she nursed for a year but doesn't remember anything about it)--sometimes she nurses her baby on her belly button. Bianca's still rocking the Halloween t-shirt that's become her favorite. She loves that it has a spider on it.


Kimberly said...

holy cow, what adorable pics of Mia. :) Abs went for 5 hours in between feedings last night for the first time---it was great!

Everyday heaven said...

Thank goodness you don't take breastfeeding lessons from B! ;)

Kora said...

Mia has such a sweet smile :). What a cutie!