Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas--Part 2

This Christmas was one of new traditions for us--for the first time, we spent Christmas morning at our own house as a family. It felt like my first year in the "mom" role because I was the one shopping for stocking stuffers and planning for Christmas breakfast (my first pan of cinnamon rolls--from scratch). It all went by too fast!

Bianca with one of her favorite gifts, her pony.

Our favorite Christmas gift!

Bianca with her stocking. She's in summer PJs because she declared the adorable flannel Christmas PJs that I bought her "too hot". Missing the infant days of dressing her however I wanted--those days are definitely over! :)

We spent the afternoon at Grandma's house in Lacey for more present opening. She got anothter stocking (we all did). Lucky ducks!

Kendra and Mia

One of B's favorite parts of the day was playing with their new kitty Valentino, who liked to hide under the tree and pounce out at her (you can see his little white paw here).

Playing with Sam in her new Bilibo from Kendra and Ty. She loves this thing--it can be a baby bed, a silly hat, a spinner, and any number of other things. She enjoys using it as a little chair.

What a fun day--but I needed a few days to recover! :)

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Amy said...

Bianca's little Christmas dress is so cute!