Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I started prenatal yoga today and it felt GREAT! After a bit of hoopla getting into the class (I had to get a doctor's note which I promptly lost, then played phone tag with the instructor for awhile to pre-register) I'm finally IN! I'm so thankful for a healthy pregnancy that allows me to be active.


I'm so excited for our new yoga chair, made by a California company. It's reminiscent of a Swedish-made chair my parents had during my childhood (sadly, sold at a garage sale a few years back). It's both nostalgic and practical--it puts me in the perfect belly-down position to help Deuce get in the right position for birth. I'm a terrible slouchy sitter, but sitting in this chair naturally lengthens the spine and helps correct posture. B "helped" to assemble it and of course, thinks it's all hers!

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