Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aaron and Sara Wasser

Our dear friends Aaron and Sara tied the knot on Saturday. Aaron is a friend of mine from high school (I was student body secretary to his VP--until his controversial impeachment), and he held Steve's old job as sports reporter at the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. Sara is the kind of spouse you'd want for any of your friends--sweet, kind, and patient. She looked gorgeous and the wedding was lovely. After a long engagement, we're thrilled to finally see these two crazy kids get hitched! Congratulations you two!
Our friend and classmate Walter officiated. I think he's telling Wasser where to stand. :)

Steve and I in front of the lake.

Best man Phil makes a hilarious toast. Good times.

Love the look on Sara's face--she knows him so well!
Delicious cupcakes--I may have eaten three or four. Don't judge.
Aaron with his new nephew who followed him around much of the evening.
Aaron reminiscing about old times with Don Hussey.
Kora and I catch a photo with the bride--loved her hair! The last of our photos before the camera ran out of batteries.

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