Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stuck on B

Bianca's been practicing "writing" on her own for awhile now
(sometimes she'll ask for a pen and paper the minute she wakes up) and she's actually making some very clear letters. She'll ask me "what's that?" and I'll pretend that I can't tell, and she'll say "No Mommy, it's an N!" So far her favorite letters to write are N, M, A, P, W, and "B for Bianca!"--and she loves 1s, 7s, and 2s as well. You can see an A, N, M, Y, V, and 7 here--she pointed them all out to me. I'm so proud of her.
After her writing today, she had some fun with stickers--and she proudly wore then out to the store and to get ice cream. They had a very specific layout. I don't understand the one-leg thing, but I guess I'm a mom--I'm not supposed to get it!

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Kora said...

That is crazy she's already writing letters/numbers! :)