Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunny day

Is this Washington--in November? Just checking. Our balmy weather is confusing me. But it means more outside time for the girls, so I'll take it! 70s on Wednesday, 60s on Thursday. We're soaking it in. Lots of park playdates!

Sisters making each other laugh. Look at those neck rolls.

Both of my girls love the swings.

Mia's such a big girl now. She insists on being "down" at parks so she can chase her sister and play (and stuff her mouth full of woodchips while she's at it).


Kimberly said...

those are so cute! I can't believe Mia and Abby are the same age, Mia seems so much older!! Can you believe they are going to be 1???

Amy said...

When is Mia's Birthday? Let me know, Malia, if you want any party crafts or a cake, or giant cupcake! ;o) I love celebrations!

We really enjoyed all that nice weather too. It looks like now it finally might be over, though. :o(

Laura said...

Yum! Wood chips! I can't wait to see you all on Saturday. :)