Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!

Whew--a whirlwind birthday weekend! Two birthdays, one party, lots and lots of fun!

First, we celebrated Mia's actual birthday on Thursday. The girls both enjoyed some birthday pancakes:

Friday was Steve's thirtysomething birthday. :) He got his present early this year (a little shopping spree at the Nike employee store in Beaverton, Oregon) so we just had a quiet dinner at home. Unfortunately, his birthday was kind of sandwiched bewteen Mia's actual birthday and her party, so I was pretty busy with party stuff. Happily, he's a great dad and didn't mind letting his girl take center stage. LOVE you, hon!

Mia's party was Saturday. I had a lot of fun with the preparation and decorations, since I love fall, pumpkins, and the color orange.

The pumpkin patch cupcakes were so much fun to make! Pumpkin cake with Swiss meringue buttercream--YUM! I wanted them to look like little pumpkin patches, complete with signs. Thank goodness my mom and Kendra found the little pumpkin candies. They were absolutely sold out everywhere I looked.

Pumpkin hummus.

Pumpkin gnocchi with browned butter sage sauce.

Birthday girl!

Inhaling her cupcake.

Sweets table.

Bianca was a good gift helper. She's wearing another tutu (Grandma made tutus for both girls--thanks!)

We took so many photos and I don't want to make this post any longer. Here's the album with the rest. Can't believe our sweet little pumpkin is one! Thanks, everyone, for a fabulous time!

Onward--Bianca's party is a few weeks away!


Leah said...

What a beautiful party!! Such sweet girls.

I'd LOVE to get the pumpkin hummus recipe!

Amy said...

Super Duper Cute, Malia! The decorations and little details all look great. Mia is so darling. What a fun day.