Monday, May 24, 2010

A slice of life

Taking a break from my many monster deadlines for a quickie blog post. I've always been a working mama--sometimes more working, sometimes more mama. At the moment, I'm a crazed workaholic, typing and interviewing furiously during naptimes, evenings, and scarce free moments.

Two of the articles I'm working on right now involve lots of phone interviewing. In the past week, I've conduced a phone interview while Bianca made so much noise screeching and banging on her door during "quiet" time that a subway station would have been quieter. Another with Mia in the Bjorn making such loud spit-bubbles that I had to assure the interviewee that it was my baby, not my digestive system, making the offensive noises.

Today, at 1:15pm, just as I was getting B settled for quiet time, she threw up--twice. I had a phone interview scheduled for 2pm. What to do--cancel? Conduct an interview with a sick child on my lap and a bucket nearby, praying that she didn't give a repeat performance? I cleaned her up with one eye on the clock. In the end, she was so zonked that she was asleep by 1:45, but I still kept my ears cocked during my call, prepared for a speedy hang-up-and-hose-down if she got sick again. The interviewee (the GM of a fancy hotel) had no idea that 5 minutes before our appointment, I was elbow-deep in my child's regurgitated lunch.

Moments like these are so representative of my life. Pulled in a million different directions, sometimes hanging by a thread and always ready to turn on a dime--that's me, your average, everyday working mama. :)

Oh, and here's a cute pic of B modeling my Uggs, a few days back when she was feeling better. The girl loves boots!


Kimberly said...

Aside from the sickness that story sounds a bit like my everyday life too. I pray everytime I answer the phone that Abs will cooperate. . .only once have I had to get off the phone w/ someone and call them back after I had calmed her down. I think we should get a glass of vino together and relax!!! :)

Kora said...

So sad that B wasn't feeling well :(. She's doing better now, right? You definitely have a lot to juggle.