Friday, May 7, 2010

And the biggest loser is...

Drumroll please....

Sarah! Wahoo!

The Lundahl fam (Karen, me, Laura, Kendra, and Sarah) concluded our three-month Biggest Loser challenge on May 2.

Sarah was the winner with a 33-lb weight loss! I gave her a run for her money with 26 pounds lost...but I veered off course toward the end thanks to a daily croissant habit (I'm still losing--just not as quickly).

I'm so proud of everyone. The five of us lost a total of 76 lbs, and everyone lost some weight.

We're going for a Jared-from-Subway shot here with the loose pants. Sarah definitely needs some new clothes--hopefully her winnings will go toward a new wardrobe.

Here we are--76 lbs lighter as a group!

We also celebrated John's 20th birthday. I can't believe he's entering his twenties--I so vividly remember his birthday. All of the sisters were so excited. Not just for our new baby brother--our parents bought us each a fanny pack as a "big sister" gift (this was 1990, after all). Mine had multicolored leather patchwork. I so wish I still had it. But I digress.

Lots of love, baby bro! He didn't participate in Biggest Loser, because he could actually stand to gain a few pounds. And he's surrounded by food all day, which he eats with abandon. Some people have all the luck!

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Kimberly said...

congrats to you all--you look great!!! It's hard to get rid of habits such as the daily croissant. . .especially after being pregers and thinking it is ok to eat those things. I'm still working on my sweet tooth. :)