Sunday, March 21, 2010

Second annual St. Pattie's Day feast

I love St. Patrick's Day--who doesn't love a low-stress, no-gift holiday that's all about green, beer, and silliness? And, we just happen to have Irish heritage courtesy of the McCarty side of the family, so what better reason to celebrate! We hosted our second annual St. Pattie's Day dinner on Saturday. We were bummed that Laura, Israel, and Ty couldn't join us, but we were thrilled to see John (and his pound cake and homemade lemon curd, too)!

We now officially have another girl on the move: Mia demonstrated her rolling skills for everyone. I almost always miss her rolls. I leave her on her back and turn around for one minute, then I find her like this:

She loves to stand too!

Corned beef and roasted root vegetables--just some of the Irish goodies on hand! We also had cabbage, soda bread with Irish butter, and lots of wonderful desserts.

Bianca sampling a rainbow rice krispie treat. In true princess style, she refused to wear any green and opted for pink instead.

B and Sarah--btw, Sarah checked her weight on my scale (our "official" biggest loser scale) and she is down 19 lbs! No fair--darn those teenagers and their fast metabolisms! Time to rededicate myself!

Baby bro John and Mom

Even Mia's diaper was green! I think Mia looks so much like Kendra--it looks like Kendra's holding her own baby!


Kendra said...

Mia Matches me ....its so cute!

Everyday heaven said...

Mia kind of looks like Kendra is this picture! Kind of a lot!

Laura L said...

Oh, I see you already said that in the blog, Malia! That is what I was thinking- it looks like she is holding her own baby! :)