Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mia four months

Mia had her four month checkup yesterday. Our little girl is growing--she's now 14lb 14oz (75%) and 24 2/4 inches long (50%) and her head is 41.4cm (50%). She was her normal talkative self and the doctor said she's very expressive (Steve's comment: great, we already have one of those!) "Expressive" is the exact word I use to describe Bianca, so I know that it's code for "loud and dramatic". Can't wait for the teen years!

The doctor was very pleased (his words) with her--he said she's babbling at a six month level--whatever that means! :)

Here's a cute shot of Bianca reading to Mia from her "Big Sister" book--it was very sweet, she was trying to get Mia to turn the page.


Laura L said...

Expressive! Yeah! It's hard to have teenage sisters and not have some of that going on, right?!

Kora said...

Too cute :). I love B reading to Mia.