Friday, October 2, 2009

Bianca the cat whisperer

Nearly every night, we have to take a walk around the neighborhood to visit all of the local cats and dogs. Bianca has lots of neighborhood animal friends--whether she's throwing a ball for Edgar the Corgie or petting Jasper the cat, they recognize her little footsteps and come out to play. :)

Marching up the neighbor's steps to pet their cats (fortunately, we have really nice neighbors). :) She asked me to tie this scarf on her so she could "walk like a kitty"--it can be either a leash or a tail. :) We have a creative girl.

Using her toy camera to take pictures of the kitties.

Teaching Sylvie about bugs with a library book. Sylvie's not the greatest student.


Kimberly said...

okay, that is too cute!

Marisa said...

Sylvie is acting like some of my students!! B and I will have to chat about classroom management next time we are together:)