Friday, October 30, 2009


I went to what may be my last prenatal yoga class today. I'm now officially the most pregnant person in the class, and most of the other women aren't even showing. So really, it looks like a regular yoga class, plus me. My belly looks big compared to many full-term women, so next to a 14-weeker, I'm huge!

The instructor is sweet and talented, but she's never been pregnant, which is somewhat of a hindrance for prenatal yoga. She actually asked our class if the uterus grows outside of the stomach muscles. I feel bad for even writing this but--seriously? How would it ever work its way outside of the abdominals--that would be some fancy maneuvering! So, pregnancy is somewhat of a mystery to her. :) Clearly, she doesn't appreciate the logistical challenges presented by hoisting a 48-inch waist into the downward dog position. It's really pretty impossible to "step forward into a lunge" at this point. So I just do what I can. It's been fun to see my yoga practice change with my body over the pregnancy, and I'm really glad that I took the class and stuck with it.

Since Deuce isn't giving many signs of being early, I'm doing everything "natural" that I can do to make sure he or she isn't too late. My chances of a repeat-C go up as I get past my due date, so I'm ready to get this show on the road! I have "induction" acupuncture scheduled for Monday. It's exciting--I know a lot of people who've had success with it (88% success rate or something like that). It's usually effective w/i 36 hours for labor induction, so if the first time doesn't work, I'll go again on Wednesday. And, I'll spend the weekend crawling around on my hands and knees, taking long walks, doing lots of lunges, and consuming large quantities of raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil. I'm not caster oil--not that desperate yet, and it kind of scares me. If Deucey isn't ready yet, he or she can stay nice and cozy--the natural induction methods don't tend to work unless baby is ready anyway.

B's picked up on all the talk about baby getting here, so she's getting excited too. She keeps asking "When's the baby coming out?" and wants to know what the baby is doing. "Is baby taking a nap?" I told her that when the baby comes we can have a birthday cake and candles, and that really pushed it over the top--I think she wants him or her here mainly so she can have some cake. :)

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