Friday, October 23, 2009

38 weeks

At my 38 week appointment today I found out I'm dialated one centimeter! Yay! It took me nine hours of labor to dialate to one last time around! Whoo hoo! Still feeling crampy and queasy--my bod is getting ready, but I think this bun will stay in the oven at least until next week. Steve went to my appointment with me today because we just realized he'd never met the doctor who will be delivering Deuce. Since he couldn't figure out how to get a one-period sub, he ended up taking the whole day off. B had her morning at Roberta's, so after the appointment we did something we haven't done in a long time--took a nap together. Bliss!

Oof--did I really just upload an image of my nine-month pregnant butt onto the Internet? B loves to do yoga with me and I'm so glad I caught it on video. The "just like mommy" phase she's in is so cute--I wonder how long it will last?

She can make even the darkest, rainest morning fun. I love her car chit-chat...I could listen to her for hours. These are the things she said to me on the way to Roberta's this morning:

"Mom, the car WANTS to go in the puddle!"

"I bet we're going to see MORE pumpkins!"

"I want to show Roberta at my new boots!"

"Mom, feets are dancing HIGH!" (She was doing a particularly funny carseat dance and she wanted me to look.)

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