Friday, September 25, 2009

Coffee and Tea

We stopped for coffee after my 34-week appointment yesterday...Bianca got some chocolate milk, but she insisted on drinking my decaf latte instead ("Bianca like Mommy's coffee!"). She's such a little grown-up--she's also insisting that I stand OUTSIDE of the stall when she uses a public restroom. She's 2! I can only imagine how independent she'll be when she's a teenager. Come to think of it, she's been a teenager since the day she was born. I'll be a pro by the time she hits 13.
At the appointment, I told her that the doctor was going to look at my belly, and she whispered "Look where the baby lives," and I said, "Yes." She said (still whispering), "So baby can come out." "Yup." "So baby can sleep." Well, we certainly hope so! :)
She's into playing "tea party" these days and we LOVE her new tea set from Green Toys. It's made out of recycled milk jugs, plus it's food-safe (a must for B since she has to actually drink out of her teacups) and super cute.

She may be into tea these days because I've been gulping down red raspberry leaf tea as recommended by my doula...and I finally got a real teapot of my own. Tea really does taste better brewed in a pot! I'm also the proud owner of a Gail Pittman cream and sugar set--finally! It's a retired set that I've wanted for ages. Thank goodness for ebay.


Kora said...

Whoa! I like the red cute that B likes tea parties and she is WAY independent...yikes! Watch out :).

Leah said...

Malia! You scared the poo out of me...I thought you were naming baby number two Duece!!! Shew!! It took me going back to your
"25th Week" posting to realize you are not finding out the gender of the baby.

Anyway, great blog. And I love all the pictures of Bianca with your kitty!