Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby talk

I had my 32 week appt yesterday and all looks good. B came with me for the first time and she enjoyed it--she gets a little protective of her mama when the doctors are poking and prodding, but she mostly takes it in stride.

She's getting more and more excited about the baby and I can honestly say that I know she "gets it". I was skeptical about how much a 2yo could really understand, but she talks about "Baby coming out!" quite a bit. We have several books that have helped a lot. After my appointments yesterday I thanked her for being such a big girl and she corrected me: "Big SISTER!" She also got ahold of some of my prenatal DHA supplements and I told her they were vitamins for the baby--she immediately lifted my shirt and tried to insert them into my belly button. :) I'm not sure how excited she'll be at the prospect of the baby actually LIVING with us permanently, but she's a kid who loves noise, chaos, and other kids. So we're hoping for the best.

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