Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving thanks

I'm not sure that B really "gets" Thanksgiving yet...we checked out a book from the library, but without big visible symbols (like Santa and Christmas trees) it just doesn't make a lot of sense to a 2-year-old. What Thanksgiving really needs is a mascot, just to get the kiddos on board. The turkey fairy, perhaps?

Anyway, we had a great turkey day in Redmond. Bianca had a blast running around with her cousins--they ran around and she followed, laughing and thinking that she was every bit a "big girl" too. :) Unfortately I didn't get too many photos of the actual day.

The following day the Jacobson's threw a fourth birthday party for cousin Sophia. Bianca wasn't sure about wearing her tiara but she was happy to try it on the cat when we got home. :)

B at the piano.

Farmor helping B with her tiara.

Sophia's got hops!

We have so many things that we're thankful for--our beautiful healthy daughter, our family and friends, and the fact that we're finally back home in the Puget Sound.

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