Sunday, November 30, 2008


B is getting a bit picky about her sweets--imagine! My own daughter! She turned up her nose at birthday cake this past weekend and doesn't seem to like chocolate, so I wanted to make sure that she would get to enjoy her birthday cake at her party on Saturday. Elisabeth knew of a great cupcake bakery (New York Cupcakes) at Crossroads in Bellevue so we went up for a tasting--oh who am I kidding, it was just an excuse to eat some cake!

As the pics show, B absolutely loved the cupcakes. Pengis one and two got some as well. I can't wait to serve them at her party. What a treat. And HEY! Crossroads is a cute little mall with some fun shops (one was called--I think--Common Folk Clothing Co.--adorable clothes and neat toys) and a great food court.

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