Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tears and scissors

Well, molars suck. Big time. My poor girl is suffering, and she barely napped today, but with the holidays coming up I was desperate to get her hair trimmed, so off to a kiddie-hair salon (Zoie and Friends at 6th and Orchard) we went. I didn't take a camera and I'm glad because it was a bit hairy, no pun intended. The stylist did a good job of being patient with us, and I ended up holding her for her entire cut. But, we managed, and B's little locks are finally evening out. She looks like such a big girl I can hardly believe it. I think when other people look at her, they see a child, not a baby. I still see the baby. Maybe I always will--maybe that's part of being a mom.

Today at Costco she had to touch every red thing she saw. This week she's thrilled by triangles, and the letters H and W. It's not from Sesame Street, because we're leaving the TV mostly off during her waking hours. At Costco, she was entertained by an audio recording of some CDs for sale, and she stood and danced(Steve stayed with her) while I picked out some gifts for family. She had a ball dancing but when it was time to go, she simply said "bye bye music". And she pushed the stroller all the way to the car (braking, of course, for red things).

When we got home, she decided, completely on her own, that she wanted to reorganize her bookshelf. Her obessions and ideas come from the same place as her dance moves--the incredible, mysterious toddler brain of hers. Can't wait to see what's next (I think!!!)

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