Friday, March 2, 2012

I Didn’t Like Pinterest. Then I Joined.

I finally took the plunge—I signed up for Pinterest, the online pinboard where people can "pin" and share what they’re pining for. Basically, it’s a streaming visual jumble of trends, recipes, home ideas, and crafts. (From what I can gather on Pinterest, I’m forecasting a spring filled with ombre, ruffles, candy-bar inspired baked treats, slouchy bags, and savory foods baked in muffin tins.)

It took months of emailed “invitations,” hints from friends, and nonstop Pinterest chatter on Facebook and Twitter to get me to jump in. I didn’t bite. From where I sat, everyone's latest obsession seemed like a time-sucking repository for intricate craft projects and homemade teacher gifts. I'm an avid baker, and I get crafty from time to time. All the more reason I don't need a reminder of all the projects I'm not doing. Thanks, I'll pass.

What eventually made me cave: our old, dingy countertop. Let me back up. I’m dreaming of a kitchen remodel (still in the dreaming stage right now) and I wanted to be able to collect ideas and inspiration. Pinterest lets me search and collect gorgeous kitchen layouts in one place, without bugging my Facebook friends about the wonders of walnut countertops and farmhouse sinks.

Plus, my sister is getting married later this year, and Pinterest is proving useful there, too. I’m something of a professional bridesmaid—in 2010 I was in three weddings in a three-month span. Not to brag or anything, but I can rock a dyed-to-match shoe like nobody's business. Back then, pre-Pinterest, I was flooded with wedding-related emails laden with photos of bridesmaid gowns, flowers, and color swatches (not that I didn’t love and cherish every last one, brides!). Now, my sis can showcase her amazing wedding taste on her Pinterest board instead of attaching photos to emails. Pinterest for the win.

So come join me in the Pinterest madness! Trust me, resistance is futile...

(But for the record, I'm fully planning to ignore whatever comes after Pinterest. Care to join me? Let's be honest, nobody has time for any more social media commitments. Especially now that our free time will be spent on "amazing!" "super cute!" and "delish!" Pinterest-inspired projects. )

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Abby said...

Yes! Just say no to the next big thing in social media! So glad I passed on Friendster. ;)

Wow, if Pinterest had been around when I was planning my wedding...I shudder to think! Perfect tool for kitchen remodeling, for sure.