Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Candy Day!

I learned something new today: Valentine's Day is Halloween Part II. After B's "Friendship Day" celebration at school, she hauled home a collection of sweets that rivals her stash from Oct. 31. Sure, I know chocolates and candy hearts are V-day staples, but I had no idea that candy is now mandatory for kids' classroom valentines. The little paper scratch-and-sniff Valentines we gave B's classmates were one of the few--I mean, like maybe two or three--that didn't have candy taped to the paper. I guess we're the Valentine's scrooges of the class!

Doing something useful with all of that candy: B's teacher sent home a neat counting/sorting game to do with heart candy. She liked it so much, she didn't want to eat any of her heart candy. And she DEFINITELY didn't want her sister eating it, either!

Miss Mia and Milo, her reluctant Valentine.

The cutest card ever. Bianca was busy working on her dad's card this morning while I made breakfast. I walked over and just about died from cuteness overload when I saw what she'd written--all by herself! Sigh. Maybe all of this candy will stunt her growth, so I can keep her this age forever.

Happy Candy, I mean, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!


Abby said...

I KNOW, what is it with all the candy?! Those conversation hearts are like crack to my 2yo. He can't stay away from them. I admit we did tape lollipops to our Valentines, but I was feeling pressured!

Malia said...

We almost taped lollis to ours too, but we ran out of time. :) I just didn't realize that EVERYONE else would do candy, too. Plus a party at school and a treat from her teacher. That's a lotta sugar!